You’ve got places to go. Count on Emtek laminated hardwood timber mats to get you there.

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We’ll Get You There

Hardwood Laminated Mats

Laminated Mat is a generic term used to describe an access mat made up of three layers of 2×8 planks and is synonymous with the term 3-ply mat.  The planks within a laminated mat have a common thickness, green in moisture content, and are generally not graded for quality or strength.  Typical finished mat sizes are 5” to 6” thick, 8’ wide, and 12’ to 16’ in length.  Each layer of the mat is oriented 90 degrees to the next layer and then bolted or nailed through the intersections to form the finished width of the mat.  Acceptable service life for a laminated mat ranges from 18 to 48 months.  The EMTEK equivalent to a 3-ply mat is constructed using hardwood laminated billets with a certified grade of Fb-3100 psi.  Billets are pressure treated for decay resistance and through-bolted to form the finished width of the mat with steel edges.  Typical sizes are 3.5” to 5.5” thick, 8’ wide, and 12’ to 16’ in length.  Acceptable service life for an EMTEK mat ranges from 48 to 96 months.

“Hardwood Laminated or 3-ply Mat” vs Emtek Mat

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Twice the Strength: Half the Weight

Twice the strength and half the weight of comparable hardwood laminated timber mats, Emtek mats make transporting, installing, cleaning, and storing road access and crane mats easier and cheaper.

Reach out to an Emtek expert. Tell us about your unique site challenges and road access needs and we’ll present a customized plan based on per linear foot pricing, so you’ll never have to worry about paying for more mats than you need. We’re committed to providing hardwood laminated mats that keep your site and workers safe, save you time and money, always without overselling or over promising.