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The emtek® (31FHD, 20FSD, 31FLVL) products are designed from an engineering perspective to provide structural and environmental solutions to access needs. Engineered ground pressure distribution and “clean” materials construction reduces the potential for environmental non-compliance issues on the job-site.


Kiln-dried wood-based laminates are pressed together using exterior rated adhesives to create an endless billet. The adhesives used are inert once they are cured and will not leach or react with local ecology. Billets are cut to length and joined together using steel rods to form an engineered mat. The size of a mat is based on access requirements and is not limited by raw material configuration.

Ground Pressure:

All emtek® products are tested in accordance with ASTM 5456 and therefore can be used to specifically calculate ground pressure conditions and deflections under given loads. This helps onsite personnel to meet depression limits associated with root structure and other environmentally sensitive requirements.

Residual Materials Impact:

All mats experience abuse with industrial use. This creates a condition of a small amount of residual material left on sites. The construction of the emtek® products with untreated cellulose material, that is relatively pH neutral, does not create a condition that adversely affects the surrounding ecology and will naturally deteriorate over time.

Invasive Species:

The transport of invasive species is a serious issue for project managers to contend with when operating in environmentally sensitive areas such as wetland, protected grasslands, healthy forests, etc. Federal quarantines on specific wood species are designed to prevent the transport of potentially harmful pests. The emtek® products are designed to comply with established Phytosanitary Standards. (ISPM No. 15) Through the kiln drying and pressing processes used in the construction of the billets, naturally occurring organisms are exterminated. This prevents the transport of invasive species and meets federal or state quarantines designed to protect local environments. Certification to meeting these standards can be provided to local, state, and federal offices concerned with these issues.

Energy Conservation:

Based on the high strength of the laminated billet construction used in the emtek® products, mat thickness can be significantly less than standard timber mats. Reduced thickness means less weight and more mats per truck. This results in an average reduction of fuel consumption of 50%.