Why supply through distributors?

Anthony Hardwood Composites uses a qualified distributor network to provide EMTEK products and access designs to the construction industry. This allows our highly technical solutions and support to be combined with industry standard products and services provided by the distributor. The result is a safer, more reliable and efficient access package that reduces risk and controls costs.

Who do I contact?

A contractor that has a high risk or difficult access need can contact one of the distributors listed on this site. The distributor will gather the necessary information and then reach out to EMTEK staff to determine a solution. Depending on the technical requirements communication may be direct between the contractor and EMTEK to reduce time and improve accuracy.

Who provides the quote?

EMTEK will work with the distributor to come up with the most cost-effective solution for the technical aspects. The distributor will integrate these costs with standard services and products to provide the contractor with a complete price.

Is there technical support?

The correct application of the EMTEK products and design is critical to ensure proper performance. There are three tiers of support depending on the level of complexity and risk involved in the contractor’s project.

  • Tier I is the trained personnel of the qualified distributor.
  • Tier II is EMTEK regional technical support personnel.
  • Tier III is a network of consulting engineering firms familiar with the material and application properties of EMTEK products.