Emtek: Engineered Mat Technology Since 2001

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Around the World or Around the Corner, We’ll Get You Where You Need to Go

We’ll Get You There

Emtek hardwood mats are engineered to get your heavy equipment and crews wherever you need them, no matter how difficult or variable the terrain. With renewably sourced custom hardwood access mat solutions ranging from 1.5 to 24 inches thick and 4 to 90 feet long (product brochure), we tailor our mats to fit the exact needs of your project.

On-time & On-budget

Emtek keeps projects on time and within budget using a cost-effective pricing per linear foot model which eliminates budget over runs while reducing environmental impact.

Safe, Reliable Access

Whether your site access challenges include environmentally sensitive areas, wet and muddy ground, or miles of transmission line on highly variable and unstable land, Emtek hardwood mats provide safe, reliable road access in the toughest, most unpredictable environments.

Rent or Purchase

With flexible production and a highly-engineered, patented construction process, Emtek hardwood laminate mats meet or exceed industry standards. Each mat is tested to 150% of the allowable design standards, so when we say our hardwood mats are the best, we’ve got the numbers to prove it. Available for rent or purchase, Emtek mats reduce fuel consumption and make transporting, cleaning, and storing access mats faster, easier, and safer.

You’ve got places to go. Let Emtek get you there