Providing a stable base of operation for cranes and heavy equipment in a wide variety of challenging terrains.

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Crane Mats

Crane Mat is a generic term used to describe a heavy equipment mat made up of large timbers. The timbers within a crane mat have a common thickness, are green in moisture content, and are generally not graded for quality or strength. Typical sizes are 8” to 12” thick, 4’ wide, and 16’ to 40’ in length. Steel through-bolts connect timbers of random width to form the finished width of the mat. Acceptable service life for a crane mat ranges from 18 to 48 months. The EMTEK equivalent to a crane mat is constructed using hardwood laminated billets with a certified grade of Fb-3100 psi. Billets are pressure treated for decay resistance and through-bolted to form the finished width of the mat with steel edges. Typical sizes are 5.5” to 24” thick, 4’ to 8’ wide, and 14’ to 60’ in length. Acceptable service life for an EMTEK mat ranges from 48 to 96 months.

“Crane Mat” vs. Emtek Mat

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Safe Base for Crane Operation

Emtek crane mats and outrigger pads provide a stable, reliable, safe base for crane operation and transportation, even on the most challenging terrain. Designed to distribute heavy loads over large areas, Emtek crane mats allow our partners in the Energy, Civil, Environmental, and Exploration sectors to protect their heavy equipment and workers, all while keeping construction projects within budget using our cost-effective per linear foot pricing structure.

Distribute Loads on Difficult Terrain

Emtek crane mats support critical applications and distribute loads on difficult terrain, including deflection sensitive crane picks, clear spans (bridging), protection of sensitive resources, and critical ground pressure standards.

Strict Testing

Manufactured according to strict industry standards and tested every four hours for strength and reliability, extreme grades and unstable terrain are no match for our highly-engineered wood laminate crane mats. Spec Emtek hardwood mats with confidence, knowing every mat is proof-loaded to 150% of the published design value.

Rent or Buy

Available for purchase or rent, Emtek’s new and used crane mats stand up to the toughest worksite and road access challenges and we understand the need to reduce costs while keeping your team and heavy equipment safe. Reach out today and we’ll help you determine what crane mats best fits your project needs.

Not One Size Fits All

Your project and needs are unique, and we never take a one-size-fits-all approach with our partners. We’ll work with you to select the Emtek access mats you need. No more, no less. Depend on our expert team to save you time and money while keeping your equipment and worksite safe with high quality hardwood laminated timber mats.

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